Burg Welterode



The castle Welterode, whose main building still stands today, is in the municipality Eitorf in the Eiptal

The castle is first mentioned in documents in 1249. Mechthild, the widowed Countess of Sayn, gives the monastery Herchen Hof Mauchenrode and the tithe to Schönenberg and Waldenrode.

In 1289 the castle Welterode was owned by the city of Cologne. 1404 is mentioned a Friedrich von Welteroide, who reconciled with the city of Cologne.

The present building dates back at least to the 16th century, since then it was owned by the counts of Nesselrode-Ehreshoven.

In 1712 Peter Ennenbach married a Cillig and lives on Welteroth. In 1730 Henricus Barrig married Susanne Catharina Wilhelmina, he is also known as Mr. Henricus Barrich Kellmann, d. H. Waiter and steward of the castle, mentioned in other writings.

In 1870, the manor was sold by Count Maximilian von Nesselrode-Ehreshoven to Jakob von Kaufmann-Asser of Cologne, and soon thereafter to Count Hoensbroech at Schloss Türnich, who remained at least until 1938 owner.

The Castle Welterode

Burg Welterode is a simple three-storey building, which used to be accessible only via a drawbridge and a front building. In addition, formerly existed a mill and another outbuilding, both of which were eliminated by the road construction in the 19th century. To the possessions belonged Heckerhof, Juckenbacher yard and the Spicher forest. These included vineyards on Eitorfer Berg, the mills to Eitorf, Ottersbach and the Unkelmühle and other lands at Linkenbach, Krabach and Kraheck.